Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 17

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

by Stacey

It feels like the world is changing, day by day and even, at times, minute by minute. At any given moment I can feel exhaustion, fear or acceptance. My mood is unpredictable as is my motivation level to accomplish anything. The bizarre thing about all of this though is that some aspects of our lives remain shockingly consistent. 

The picture above was taken yesterday. My three favorite people were each behind a closed door doing what they do every day. Rob was working while the girls transitioned from one class to another. 

I’m not really sure what Rob was doing because he takes client confidentiality incredibly seriously. I never know what he is doing over the course of a day though so there you go. His location may have changed but the work he was doing remained the same. 

The girls started virtual school yesterday. And as always, in some of the classes, the teachers lectured and the class participated. Some of the teachers broke their classes into small groups and kids worked together. In some of the classes, the students were given assignments to complete independently and I’m sure some of the students completed their assignments right away while some waited to submit their work until moments before the 8pm deadline. Again, the location and the mode of instruction has changed dramatically but the classes, the teachers and the students remain the same. 

I spent my day the same way I always do. Folding laundry, cooking, spending too much time on social media, procrastinating writing projects and taking Daisy for a walk. Again, I have more people with me and I spent way more time than usual in our house but my role- supporting our family while trying to carve out some time for myself- remained the same. 

I will say, the only creature in our house who is seeing a significant change in the role they play is our dog, Daisy. She is going to be exhausted when this whole thing is over. We are all walking to keep sane and we are all bringing Daisy with us. Sometimes we all go, sometimes two of us are out strolling the sidewalks together and sometimes one of us is on our own but everytime, we have Daisy by our size. We are glad she is up for the challenge! 

So for now, onward as the more things change, the more they stay the same. 


  1. Melinda says:

    So glad you will be blogging. I so enjoy hearing about your life. I had to laugh about Daisy, my dogs are being walked a lot too!

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