Stacey Loscalzo

Nov 15

Quick Lit: November 2018 Edition

by Stacey

I’m excited to join in on the fun at Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Quick Lit again today. This month was a funky reading month for me as there were some real hits and a couple of disappointing misses.

Here goes…

Waiting for Eden by Elliot Ackerman- Waiting for Eden is an example of why I love book subscriptions. I would have never picked up this book on my own if it had not arrived in the mail as part of my Shelf Subscription from the Bookshelf. This was not an easy read but I’m glad I read it. Yesterday I wrote about how reading helps me to see other people’s perspectives and Waiting for Eden is a perfect example of that.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid- This was another ‘not easy to read’ book. It’s also one that I can write next to nothing about without spoiling it. That said, I’d love to hear what you thought of it if you read it and if not, go read and then come back and tell me what you think happens at the end. Holy confusing ending! And if you like this one, definitely read Reid’s latest book, Foe. After finishing Foe last month, I had to read something else by the author because Reid clearly has a very unique mind.

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager- I think I have a love-hate relationship with Riley Sager. I read his first book, Final Girls and didn’t think I really liked it but then when his next book came out I was super excited to read it. I think I will feel exactly the same way when Sager’s next title is released. I liked the beginning of The Last Time I Lied, I hated the middle and then came the ending that I can’t stop thinking about.

And then there were two titles that I did not finish this month. I am disappointed that I didn’t love them but I guess it is what it is. I really want to like Tana French because so many readers that I typically agree with do but I started The Witch Elm and just couldn’t get through it. This is one that I may try again but it was a miss for me right now. And then there was The Girl Who Smiled Beads. This is a great memoir and again, I might come back to it. For now though, it was just too sad and too heavy. I need a bit more escapism in my reading these days and this book is totally not that.

So… what was your reading month like? I hope it was a great one!



  1. Caroline says:

    Perhaps it’s the rebel in me (and you?), but I really need a book to fit with what I want at a given moment. I’ve learned to recognize what you alluded to with the Tana French book, which is when a book is really interesting and well-written, but just not a good fit for me at present. I hold onto it to try again later, rather than forcing it down or rejecting it outright. It’s akin to making a meal–a new recipe may sound intriguing, but it’s just not what I’m in the mood for today. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe never.

  2. Linda Stoll says:

    Stacey, hi from over at Anne’s! You’ve given me a whole slew of new-to-me books. Thank you!

  3. Aimee says:

    Thanks for sharing these! I had a great reading month. I finished 6 books, which for me is a lot 🙂 My favorite novel was called The Map of Salt and Stars about a Syrian refugee family. I’d highly recommend it.

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