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Nov 02

What I’m Into (October 2017 Edition)

by Stacey

Last month I jumped into Leigh Kramer’s fun round up of posts titled, What I’m Into and had a blast thinking about the past month. I promised myself I would keep better notes and take more detailed pictures of what the month brought this time around but I can’t quite say I did… but here a few musings on the month that just passed.

Currently Reading

I am currently reading Dan Brown’s latest, Origin. I swear I really like it but for some reason it is taking me forever to get through. I’m not sure if this is commentary on the book or on our ever changing schedules. The girls are going to bed later than ever and for sure, this is cutting in to my reading time.

Currently Listening

All my regular podcasts that I mentioned last month are still in the rotation but I have added a few new ones,  like #am Writing with Jess & KJ and Fully Booked, as well. And for anyone wondering how I listen to so many podcasts, I have two words for you. Dance Mom. Katherine dances at a studio 20 minutes from home and she is there six to seven days a week. I log a lot of driving (and listening!) time.

Currently Watching

Ok. I fully admit I have a problem. I have not even started watching Stranger Things because I can’t stop my Criminal Minds obsession. Between the stress of the news of the world and the anxiety of all the newness (high school, middle school etc) in our own house, I crave the predicability of this procedural. I am going to run out of seasons soon but for now, Criminal Minds is where I’m at.

Favorite Instagram

Last month, I spent a lot of time on Instagram getting to know Bookstagram and meeting lots of new readers. And then the Instagram algorithm changed and I got grumpy about it so… this month I was there less but definitely missed it so I plan to jump back in soon.

I would say, though that I did love this picture from last month.




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  1. Nina says:

    I alway love knowing what you’re into.

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