Stacey Loscalzo

Sep 08


by Stacey


When ‘laugh’ came up as the prompt for today, I almost chose another. Between Harvey and Irma and the general Trump-ness of our country right now, nothing seems all that funny. That said, I suppose Katherine Hepburn is right. It is still important to remember that things are fun. So here goes… a collection of things that make me laugh.

I laugh at silly knock-knock jokes. Knock knock. Who’s there? Cargo. Cargo who? Cargo beep beep. I mean, come on!

I laugh at Friends. The fajita episode gets me every.single.time.

I laugh at mistaken song lyrics. My favorite of all time is a college friend’s version of Sunday, Bloody, Sunday. Someday, Buddy, Someday. Sing it. It works and you will never enjoy the song the same way again.

I laugh at the Popcast. I imagine that I am in real life friends with Knox and Jamie but alas I have to rely on hearing them on my podcast app each week.

I laugh at at Jim Gaffigan on YouTube. If you have not heard his one about being in a reverse hostage situation when putting young children to bed you are missing out.

I laugh at movies. The airplane scene in Bridesmaids is my favorite but there’s a lot to love about the bar scene in This is 40 and the therapy scene in Old School.

I laugh at cat videos on Facebook. Any time I am on my computer and laughing, one girl or the other will say, “Cat video?” And sadly, they are correct more often than they are not.

I laugh when Katherine talks in her funny British accent.

I laugh so loudly on the sidelines of the soccer field while talking with friends that Caroline will turn around in midfield to give me a dirty look.

And I still laugh at the same goofy jokes that Rob has been telling me for nearly two decades now. Every time I roll my eyes, he says, “But I still make you laugh.” And that is important.

Ok… your turn. What makes you laugh? Bring it on. I think we can all use a smile.

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