Stacey Loscalzo

May 22

What I’m Into (May 2017)

by Stacey

I haven’t written much lately. This blog seems to a be a collection of posts starting with those same words. I’m going to try again and see if I can get my writing habit to stick this time. I miss writing in this space. I miss writing in general so here goes. I decided to start with the easiest type of post for me. And yes, I know it is not quite the end of the month but I think it’s close enough.

What I’m Reading


Rob and I went away last week and I decided that a vacation called for Jodi Picolt. I started her latest, Small Great Things and it’s giving me a lot to think about. I also started Waking Gods, the sequel to one of my favorites from last year, Sleeping Giants. I’m really enjoying both of them but I have to remind myself to never start two books at the same time. I know many people who can do this but I am not one of them!

What I’m Writing

See above.


What I’m Watching

Sadly, I am not in the middle of any fun shows right now. That said, what I am watching are all the amazing photographs being shared in Tracey Clark’s on-line class, Picture Spring. I first took a class with Tracey six years ago now and I’m so happy to be in a similar space with old and new photography friends. Having a new photo prompt each day has reminded to look at the world in a different way again and I am so happy to be back behind the lens- or the iPhone as the case may be :).


What I’m Talking About

So much is in flux right now that change and the challenge of it seems to be filling the spaces in many of my conversations. The political world is spinning and my head and heart hurt from it. And then within our own four walls, everything is shifting as well. We are in the last month of school and at the end of June, Katherine will leave elementary school and Caroline will leave the middle school. They are both ready for these milestones and excited for their next adventures but the change feels huge.

What I’m Listening To

I am still listening to podcasts all the time- when I am driving, walking Daisy, cooking, folding the laundry…There are so many great podcasts to explore but my current favorites include What Should I Read Next, All the Books, Get Booked, Sorta Awesome, Pop Culture Happy Hour and The Popcast.



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