Stacey Loscalzo

Jan 23

What I Know For Sure

by Stacey


Today I sat down to write and instead I stared at a flashing vertical line on a WordPress page titled ‘add new post.’ I struggle with writer’s block a lot but it feels worse this time. Years ago, I wrote with the talented Lisa Garrigues and she told me to just keep moving my pen and if I had nothing to say, to keep writing anyway.

As I thought of Lisa’s advice this morning, my mind flashed to an idea. Oprah writes a column titled, ‘What I Know For Sure’. Perhaps on this day when I feel like I know nothing for sure, I should ‘be like Oprah.’ So here goes…

I know that many people do not understand why I marched on Saturday.

I know that I want to try to explain to people who don’t understand but I know that I am scared to do so. I know I do not have the strength to argue about it.

I know that I am struggling to listen to the ‘other side’ right now and I imagine that people who think differently than I do are having a hard time listening to me.

I know that I have many philosophical concerns about the state of our country but I also know that there are things I worry about more.

I know that I am worried that we have lost the ability to listen to each other. I know that I am just as guilty of this as my friends on ‘the other side.’

I know that it is a problem that we have drawn sides.

I know that this election and inauguration are different.

I know that I would be happier if everyone felt the same way.

I know that we can disagree on policy and strategy. I know that I have disagreed with  many politicians on each but I have never been fearful and anxious the way I am today.

I know that truth matters. I know that words matter. I know that facts matter.

I know this for sure.




  1. Caroline says:

    It’s important that we speak up, even if we don’t entirely understand or have words to express our feelings. For me, the answer is simple: I marched because I can. I marched for all those women who can’t.

  2. Nina says:

    I don’t see any writer’s block here, my friend. 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Thank you for putting many of our thoughts into words, Stacey.

  4. Leah Singer says:

    Great post, Stacey! Like you, I’ve been struggling with what to write and haven’t posted much at all lately. I don’t want my blog to become political ramblings and honestly, I’m not sure what it is I would say. But I love this idea of just writing and the “What I know for sure” prompt is a great one.

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