Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 10

And Now She Is Ten

by Stacey

IMG_4028I have been quiet in this space lately. As the girls get older it is harder and harder to decide what to write publicly. My life still circles around theirs but we are beginning to write our own stories. More and more, it is important for them to decide what becomes public and what doesn’t.

I miss writing here though so I am glad that a yearly tradition has pulled me back. Even when the girls are mad about something I have written, they still say, “But you can always write our birthday posts.”

So now…

Katherine is ten.

Each year, these posts seem more and more surreal. And each year, I feel compelled to use more and more cliches. Time flies. Where does time go? How is our baby ten? The list goes on and on.

So here goes…

Dear Katherine,

Today you turn ten. For the past few weeks, you have felt pretty confused by this change. You have thought a lot about leaving the world of single digits and how you can never go back to it. You are feeling the passage of time and the truth of getting older and all that brings with it. I think ten feels pretty old to you. And while you are becoming older, there is still so much of the sweet baby I remember within.


You are such a sweet daughter. Daddy and I love you with all our hearts. You make us laugh every day. You are clever and smart in your humor and we see bigger and bigger glimpses of the adult you will be one day. You don’t love if we ask you questions but you ask very wise ones. When I look at the picture of the baby above, I still see her in your hugs and kisses and love of time spent with your family.


You are a great sister. Sometimes you struggle to share the air waves with your talkative sister but you love her so much and she loves you. When  you say goodnight to each other, I get teary eyed. As an only child, watching your relationship with your sister is pretty amazing.


You are an amazing friend. Girls flock to you and your list of friends grows each day. I love how you seem to have friends from all pockets of your life. You aren’t confined by groups or favorites but truly love to surround yourself with the girls who make you happy.


You are a thoughtful student. Each time I talk to your teacher, she shares a story of how you have grown as a learner. She especially loves how descriptive your writing has become and how many smart questions you ask when you read.


You are an energetic soccer player. Your coach loves seeing how much you have improved as a player over the years. I love watching your tall legs run down the field and I love all the smiles and laughs you share with your teammates.

IMG_1642 (1)

You are a gorgeous dancer. Watching you dance is one of my favorite things to do. You are poised and graceful. More importantly though you are dedicated. You work hard each day to make yourself stronger, more flexible and more confident in your movements. You would dance all the time if you could.

And now you are ten.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you more and more each day.





  1. Happy Birthday to Katherine! We marked the same milestone with our little girl this year so every piece of what you wrote resonates. 

  2. Allie says:

    So happy to read your words again! Happy Birthday Katherine!

  3. Lindsey says:

    All birthdays make me cry, but there’s something particularly bittersweet about ten (at least there was for me, when both of my children crossed this threshhold). Love to you all. xox

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