Stacey Loscalzo

Oct 05

The End of a Fall Tradition

by Stacey

This weekend we took our annual pumpkin picking trip to DePiero’s Farm. We actually began getting our pumpkins at DePiero’s before we even moved. According to the picture below, Rob’s parents brought DePiero’s pumpkins with them when they visited us in Richmond.


Apparently, Caroline looked like this the first time we went to DePiero’s for Halloween in New Jersey.

IMG_1454And Katherine looked like this.

IMG_1469And somehow, these are the girls now.

IMG_0800I find that all sad enough but then add to it that this is the last year that DePiero’s will be open. DePiero’s opened in 1924 when 16 old Dante DePiero opened a small fruit and vegetable stand. Rumors of DePiero’s closing have circulated for as long as we have bought our pumpkins there. Every single year we have talked about it being our last Halloween at DePeiro’s.

This year though, the tradition really is coming to an end. Work on the incoming Wegman’s has already begun. There are fences separating the parking lots and construction equipment is lined up, ready to work.

We sat in the cafe for donuts and hot chocolate after we chose our pumpkin, feeling sad. Rob’s been going to DePiero’s for as long as he can remember. Katherine feels like trips to DePiero’s are among her earliest ¬†memories.

I’ve written before about the power of tradition and I was reminded of it again this weekend. There is such beauty for all us of us but for children especially in the repeated actions of our years. We talked about where we would get our pumpkins next year. I mentioned Demarest Farm where I go each week of the spring, summer and fall for our produce. No one seemed exited by that idea. I have a feeling that without DePeiro’s there may be no more family trips to choose pumpkins. If the girls were younger, we would certainly find a place. But now? I’m not sure.

So goodbye DePiero’s. Thanks for helping us to create one of favorite family traditions.


  1. Lindsey says:

    Oh, wow. A punch in the gut. xox

  2. Kristen says:

    Oh no. I’ve never even been and I’m sad for you all. It stinks when something like that happens.

  3. Allie says:

    I’m so sorry that DePiero’s is closing. Our tradition is Burt’s Pumpkin Farm and we’d be wrecked if it closed. We had to postpone our trip (always the first weekend of October) this year because of rain and there was an outcry. I cannot even imagine…

  4. Leah says:

    I can relate to this. We’ve been going to our local pumpkin patch (that’s been in existence for decades) since before our daughter was born. I’d be so sad if it closed down too. You have some great memories!

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