Stacey Loscalzo

Aug 05

Goop Questionnaire

by Stacey

My amazingly talented friend Lindsey at A Design So Vast recently posted a great questionnaire so I thought I would ‘borrow’ it and use it for my own post.

Here goes and please share your answers in the comments if you are so inclined!

Go-to weeknight recipe?

I love the turkey taco recipe in the great cookbook Keepers. It is one of the few meals that we all (loosely defined) like.


First job?

My first summer job was as a camp counselor and my first grown up job was as a speech therapist at a tiny hospital in rural Maryland.

Next job?

I left my hospital job when I moved back to Richmond and went to work as a public school speech therapist.


Rumford, RI right outside of Providence.

What would you put on your neon sign?

Every end is a new beginning.

Wouldn’t leave home without?

My phone, a book and lip balm.

Essential beauty products?

Lip balm, bronzer and moisturizer.

Wouldn’t fly without?

See ‘wouldn’t leave home without.’

Things you buy in bulk?

I have actually stopped buying in bulk. I forget what I’ve bought and end up buying it again which becomes a storage and a waste problem.

Favorite book?

Ugh. I heard someone once say when they can’t answer a ‘favorite’ question, they just say the most current so I’ll go with that strategy. Right now I am reading and really, really liking, The Martian by Andy Weir

First celebrity crush?

Tom Cruise.

Favorite movie?

I’m sure there are more appropriate choices here but truth be told I think it might be Bridesmaid. I fast forward the bridal shop scene because it is terrible but I could watch the airplane scene all day long and never get tired of it.

People on speed dial?

Rob, Caroline, my mom, my mother in law and a few friends.

Preferred form of exercise?

I wish I knew! I have been to three gyms this year alone trying to find the correct combination of workouts that don’t hurt my back while toning and giving me the right amount of cardio.

Drink of choice?


Proudest moment?

Delivering both girls without medication.

Ok… your turn. Go!





  1. Lindsey says:

    How did I not know we are both veterans of unmedicated birth? Such an extraordinary experience … xoxo

    • Stacey says:

      Truly the best experiences of my life. Sometimes I think about it and wonder how in the world… I did remember this about you but I guess we’ve never talked about it!

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