Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 08

New-to-Me Authors

by Stacey

There are thousands upon thousands of books published each year. Therefore, I don’t know why I am surprised every single time when I find amazing new authors but I am. Recently, I stumbled upon two authors that are just genius that I want more and more people to know about.

Carin Berger commented on my blog earlier this year and while her name was familiar to me, I realized that somehow we had never  read her books.

PicMonkey Collage

Her latest title is Finding Spring which is something that took an awfully long time to do around these parts this year. Perhaps our lingering winter made Finding Spring especially sweet but I came to realize that all of Carin’s work is to be treasured. She uses cut paper collage that is so fun to examine closely. You see little snippets of writing scattered on scrap paper used to create amazing illustrations. The  stories in each of her books that we read including The Little Yellow Leaf, A Perfect Day and Forever Friends were great studies of both nature, the power of friendship and never feeling alone.

PicMonkey Collage

Along with Carin, we also discovered Sebastian Meschenmoser. My amazing friend Jules of Seven Impossible Things is to thank for this new-to-me author. And no secret here- she is often the one to lead me in a great direction. Waiting for Winter is no longer a seasonally appropriate read but I encourage you to check it out none the less. The expressions on the faces of the animals in this tale are among the best I have seen. Somehow in what appears to be simple pencil sketches, you can read in to the minds and the imaginations of these creatures who are out to find the first snowfall. The second title we read was Mr. Squirrel and the Moon. In this tale, Mr. Squirrel’s imagination runs wild and it is awfully fun to pretend right along with him.

I hope you enjoy these new-to-me authors as much as I did.

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