Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 10

Happy Ninth Birthday Katherine

by Stacey

IMG_6388Katherine often asks to hear her birth story. When I tell it, I think her favorite part is that I went in for a regular doctor’s appointment, two weeks before her due date, and came home two days later with a baby. I think she likes the element of surprise.

Somehow, I feel equally surprised that my baby girl turns nine today. All the cliches fit in here nicely. Time flies. I remember that day like it was yesterday and on and on. There is just something about your youngest getting older. The girls recently informed me that one becomes a tween when they turn nine. Maybe that explains why I’m feeling so undone these days. Is it possible that both of my girls are now tweens? That they are both closer to being teenagers than they are to being toddlers?

Katherine has to remind me over and over again that she is no longer little. She wears the same size flip flops that I do. She asked for much more jewelry and clothes than she did toys this year. She amazes us constantly with her skills as a dancer and as a piano player. She is no longer just playing around with the things she loves. She is perfecting them. She participates in family conversations and is very often the wise, voice of reason. She makes us laugh and not in a silly way but in a really smart way. She loves to read and write and is becoming a 21st century learner, communicating with her teacher on line in a way that leaves me pretty much unneeded in the conversation. She is a great friend and is learning each day the values that she most respects in others and in herself.

There is a big part of me that misses the little girl that Katherine once was but there is an even bigger part of me that is excited to get to know this big girl because she is truly great.

Happy Birthday Katherine! I hope your day is as amazing as you are.



  1. Mimi says:

    What a sweet tribute!

  2. Aunt Connie says:

    Wow!  That brought me to tears….what a wonderful birthday gift from a Mother to a daughter.
    Happy Birthday, Katherine.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Happy birthday Katherine! xoxox

  4. Kristen says:

    Happy 9th Birthday!!!

  5. Pamela says:

    Happy birthday Katherine! What a beautiful way to describe your daughter.

  6. Tamara says:

    Aw, Happy 9th Birthday! I have a similar story with Des. I went in for my 38 week appointment, and later that day, had a baby.

  7. Nina says:

    Loved this!!

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