Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 23

Taking Stock: A ‘Borrowed’ Post

by Stacey

Last week, I read an awesome meme at Tamara’s wonderful spot. I’m going to copy her today. Flattery is the best compliment, right?

So here goes with “What I Am…”

Making- Thanks to an amazing on-line class called Embrace, taught by the super talented Beryl Ayn Young, I created a photo book of my favorite pictures from 2014. Last year, I began using the Project Life format to get my pictures printed but I found that I had a hard time keeping up with it. I think doing printed books may be the secret to getting  my pictures off of my computer and in to our hands…

Cooking– Roasted broccoli. I can’t seem to get enough of it.

Drinking– American Bulldog Coffee. For any local people reading this, if you haven’t tried this new coffee shop yet, you must go. It is delicious and the atmosphere is the best and this pooch hangs out there. Hard to beat that combo.


ReadingGretchen Rubin‘s Better than Before. I have already learned an awful lot about myself. I will have more to say about this read in a future blog post for sure.


Wanting– I’m like a broken record on this one but if  we don’t get warm weather soon, I am going to have a temper tantrum.

Looking– I’m looking closely at the trees waiting for leaves to sprout and the ground waiting for flowers to bloom. I did see these guys last week which was very encouraging.


Deciding– I’m deciding what to do next. In only a few months, I will no longer be president of our elementary school’s home and school association. I often feel a void when I finish a large volunteer position and trying to decide how to handle this void is tough for me.

Wishing– I am wishing I had taken more photographs over the past few months. My hands were so cold all the time that I never took my hands out of my mittens to snap a shot.

Enjoying- I am watching and enjoying House of Cards Season 3. Interestingly, it is much slower than the first two seasons. I don’t really feel a need to rush straight in to the next episode when I finish one. Good for my productivity. Maybe not so good for the show.

Liking- I am liking the fact that it is still sunny out at dinner time.

Wondering- If I am ever going to beat my sweet tooth. After reading my latest book, I’m starting to wonder if I may be an abstainer not a moderator and I’m just going to have to cut sugar out completely for a bit. Sounds so boring but maybe so necessary.

Loving- I am loving these people..


Pondering– I am pondering if I will ever look any better in a selfie. There must be some magical angle I just haven’t figured out yet.

Watching- As a family, we are all pretty in to America Idol this season and Shark Tank. How did we just learn about Shark Tank? It is so good!

Marveling- I’m marveling at the fact that everyone in my family took a walk today with out their winter coats. My fingers were white when we got home and  I was wearing a winter coat, a scarf and gloves. Brr!!


Smelling– I have no idea. Katherine has an incredibly strong sense of smell. In fact, we think it’s part of why there are so few foods she is willing to eat. She smells every little thing. Me? Not so much. I have no idea what I am smelling right now.

Wearing- I keep saying I have the same feeling about the clothes I have worn this winter that I had about my maternity clothes. I’ve only had a few outfits that have kept me warm and I have worn them over and over again. When it finally get warm, I might just have to get rid of them all.

Following- I’m following a new to me blog called Family Sport Life and liking what I am learning so far.

Sorting Out- I am sorting out all the above. More to come…


  1. Mimi says:

    Flattery: Being asked for the Roasted Broccoli recipe!!

  2. Tara Newman says:

    Hey Stacey! Thanks for the shout out.  We love Shark Tank too.  Magical selfie angle is holding the camera over head and looking up 🙂

  3. I am also reading Rubin’s new book. It holds so much promise and I hope to implement her strategies to change my habits. Looking forward to your thoughts on the book in a future post. 

  4. Sarah K says:

    I hope you get warm weather soon!  It has arrived in the Ozarks and it is SO wonderful.  I’ve switched over from roasted broccoli to roasted asparagus!  =)  I just started Better Than Before last night.  I struggle with sugar too, and I see myself so much in Gretchen’s examples of people knowing something is bad for them, but being unable to stop!

    • Stacey says:

      I love roasted asparagus too! Yum! The sugar thing is so incredibly annoying. I really hope I don’t end up being an ‘Abstainer’ but I think I might be. Moderating sure isn’t working!

  5. Allie says:

    I love this type of post (and almost borrowed Tamara’s as well;). I can’t wait to start Gretchen Rubin’s book. I concur about the warm weather. We had a wonderfully warm couple of days, and then the temps plunged again. Great family picture. HOC’s season 3 picks up towards the end, I promise. We just started watching Netflix’s Bloodline (with Kyle Chandler). It is soooo good!

    • Stacey says:

      I am on the last episode of HOC and you are so right! Really good again. And so glad to learn of Bloodlines- new to me and I’m always looking for a good new show!

  6. Tamara says:

    Well thank you for compliment then! I’m so glad you borrowed this awesome prompt.
    I read Family Sport Life! I actually met Tara at BlogU, of all places!
    Roasted broccoli is delicious.
    I did have a temper tantrum about the weather this morning!
    And there are magical selfie angles. People have written articles on it! I have luck at holding the camera above me for a more flattering view and also in natural light but in the shade or so to avoid harsh sunlight.

    • Stacey says:

      How funny that you met Tara! And holding the camera above me might be the answer- whatever I’m doing now certainly isn’t!:)

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  8. Dana says:

    Great minds, I love this Stacey (and Tamara)! I am terrible at getting photos off our computer… my daughter is nearly 7 and I am only up to age 3 in photo albums, ugh. I like the idea of doing a book per year. That may be just the trick for me! 

    And oh, yes, roasted broccoli, is delicious!

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