Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 16

Quick Lit: March 2015

by Stacey

Today I’m linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Quick Lit. When Anne wrote that Quick Lit was coming up this weekend, I couldn’t believe it. While this month felt long in a lot of ways, it seems like I just collected my reads for last month’s Quick Lit. Anyway, here goes…


Blood Will Out by Walter Kim. When I read about titles that sound interesting, I record some of the titles on Goodreads. Others though I tend to get as samples on my Kindle. While scrolling through my samples, I stumbled upon Blood Will Out and liked it enough that I went on to purchase the book. The author tells the story of his unlikely friendship with a man who poses as Clark Rockefeller before finally being charged with murder. This is not the type of book that I usually read so it was fun to read it almost by mistake.


My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh.  My Sunshine Away is told from the perspective of a teenage boy who must process what happened when a neighborhood crush is raped. The story is compelling but becomes a bit repetitive toward the end. I felt like the story had promise but I did not love it.


Bone Gap by Laura Ruby. Many of the children’s lit blogger who I love raved about this book. They read advanced copies of this book and had such amazing things to say about it that I pre-ordered my copy. Somehow I missed the part about Bone Gap being magical realism which is too bad because I dislike magical realism nearly 100% of the time. The book had received such amazing reviews that I forged forward but Bone Gap is a not a title I will recommend very often.

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  1. Nina says:

    3 books I have not even seen! Glad to hear about them.

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