Stacey Loscalzo

Jan 08

Picture Books: Our Recent Picks

by Stacey

It seems like it’s been a bit since I’ve  posted about our latest picture book reads. Here are a few that we’ve enjoyed…


Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds- A great reminder that there is no right way to be creative.


Loula and the Sister Recipe by Anne Villeneuve- A little girls wishes for a sister and ends up with something just as wonderful.


Hermelin: The Detective Mouse by Mini Grey- A clever tale of a mouse detective and the power of the written word. Also the illustrations are really cool.

20388087Julia’s House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke- Beautiful illustrations help to tell the story of Julia and her home for wayward creatures.


Don’t Play With Your Food by Bob Shea- There is a reason that Bob Shea is a super popular children’s writer. He is just a really fun guy. Don’t Play With Your Food reminds us all not to eat our friends.


A Perfectly Messed Up Story by Patrick McDonnell- Louie is determined to tell a good story but someone keeps messing up his plan. Until he realizes that his story is pretty great, mess and all.



  1. These all look so fun! My son loves silly books, so I’m thinking Don’t Play With Your Food would be a hit.

    • Stacey says:

      Based on the other books I know your little guy has liked, I would say you are totally right! He will love Don’t Play With Your Food and I would also recommend A Perfectly Messed Up Story. Both funny choices!

  2. There are only a couple of books on this list that we haven’t read (yet). I’ve been meaning to pick up Julia’s House for Lost Creatures for awhile now, and I just keep forgetting to.

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