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Jan 17

Celebrate This Week: January 17

by Stacey

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Last week I joined Ruth Ayers’ Celebrate Link Up for the first time and I was so glad I did. Just knowing that I was participating made me look out for happy things over the course of the past super cold 7 days.

The best example being #1. And yes, I did use my camera phone in the library bathroom. I was standing up if that makes the whole thing any better.

1. There was a “You Are Beautiful” sticker in the library bathroom. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than that.


2. I went to my first in person writing class in years. I am thrilled that The Writers Circle will be coming to my local area in April. Stay tuned local writing friends- classes for you and your children are coming to Ridgewood! But… in the meantime, I spent Wednesday morning in Maplewood and had the best time.

3. I am so desperate for spring that I bought tulips at Stop and Shop. They are a bit droopy but they make me happy.


4. I think Katherine has found a book series that she likes. While Boxcar Children is an old one, it’s new to her. She has been reading lately but she hasn’t had a go-to series for a while. I think she may stay with this one for a bit…

IMG_61425. I am so glad that I went to my book club today even though I didn’t love the book. I got so much out of the discussion that it’s making me re-think my evaluation. Discussion and reading books that I wouldn’t otherwise read are what makes book clubs great.


  1. Love the photo of your little reader! Reading engagement is a beautiful thing! And . . . what happy tulips!

  2. Terje says:

    Droopy or not, the tulips are beautiful. They bring the spring closer.

  3. Stacey, I am an email subscriber and nowadays the posts that come in my inbox have some gibberish marketing stuff attached to your original post, if you just send me an email, I will forward you the post that is coming to my inbox. I think there is some issue.

    Between I love and enjoy all your posts.

    • Stacey says:

      Thank you so much for telling me! My mom is an e-mail subscriber too so she called me a in a panic! I have my web designer working on it. For some reason, I have this exact problem on and off and we keep ‘fixing’ it and then it comes back! Would you mind letting me know approximately when you signed up for e-mails? We changed the e-mail sign up process a few months ago to hopefully fix the problem so I’m just wondering if you signed up recently or awhile back? Thank you so, very much again!  My e-mail is Thanks! 

  4. Yep, the gibberish stuff comes through at the top of the RSS feed through bloglines, too.  
    I love seeing those tulips!  I may have to see if the floral department has any when I’m doing my grocery shopping today.

    • Stacey says:

      Ugh! Thank you! We’re working on the gibberish. Good (well not good but you know what I mean!)that it’s coming in on bloglines too. We thought it was only an e-mail issue. Bummer! 

  5. Amy says:

    Love seeing the tulips!  I think flowers remind us that Soring will not be far away!

  6. I love droopy tulips – think they look even better that way. Looks like your Catherine is truly engaged in the Boxcar Children. Beautiful picture.

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