Stacey Loscalzo

Nov 06

The Where Quiz

by Stacey


Here is my last quiz from Big Picture’s Quizapalooza..

Where are my ancestors from? England. In 1620. Total Mayflower story. I think this is pretty cool now but I used to find it so boring when I was little. Any time we had to do a project that involved our ancestors, people would be so bored during my telling. It was the same story we had heard during history class. I always wished for a more eccentric tale.

Where was I born? I was born in Providence, RI on a hot Easter days. I moved to Long Island shortly after and then back to Providence when I was three.

Where was I in my earliest memory? The first memory I have is of our pool when I was really little. We moved from the house with the pool when I was three so I’m not sure if I actually remember this pool or if I have seen so many pictures of it that I feel like I remember it.

Where was my very first school? The Rumford Morning School. I was such a shy little one that my most prevalent memory of that year is of standing next to the teachers during recess.

Where was my very last school? I earned my reading specialist degree at the University of Virginia.

Where was my first job? My first paid job was at Cape Cod Sea Camps and my first ‘grown up’ job was at Calvert Memorial Hospital in Maryland as a speech therapist.

Where was my greatest adventure? I went to Europe with my friend Elizabeth the summer after our junior year in college. We were part of a program but we did travel on our own on the weekends. I still can’t quite believe I did that.

Where did I meet the love of my life? I met Rob when we were both at The University of Richmond but we did not begin dating until our friends Elizabeth (same one as above!) and Brian’s wedding a few years out of college.

Where was my first home of my very own? On Fitzhugh Avenue in Richmond, VA.


  1. The details can really heighten all of our backstories. Your Mayflower story is a great piece of your heritage. Loved this meme and may do it on my own blog. Thanks,Stacey. 

  2. Tamara says:

    This is very cool. I feel like Cassidy has a Mayflower story too, but I don’t. It would be fascinating to put our details together.

  3. Loved finding out more about you, Stacey! Fun post!

  4. Allie says:

    You know love my quizzes. A Mayflower connect is beyond cool! Did you go to camp on the Cape? Where on the Cape was the camp? SO many connections:).

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