Stacey Loscalzo

Oct 20

The Weekend Papers: Sixth Edition

by Stacey

IMG_5771I read the paper every weekend. Weekdays, I just never get to it. If Rob sees an article he thinks I might like, he’ll pull it for me but that’s as close as I get to being a newspaper reader during the week. On the weekends though, I really do try to sit down and find a few articles to enjoy. This weekend found my two favorite sections (The New York Times Style and Reviews sections) chock full of interesting tidbits.

Here are a few I thought might be worth discussing…

To Siri, With Love by Judith Newman. Newman, with writing both funny and sad, discusses her autistic son’s relationship with Siri. We learn how this tool is actually serving as a communication mentor (the speech therapist in me loves this!) and as a friend. Whether this seems creepy or not, the writing is great and the topic fascinating.

Look Homeward, Reader by Meg Wolitzer. Meg Wolitzer tackles the whole ‘should adults being reading young adult books’ question. And comes to the same conclusion I did when writing about the same topic at Great New Books a few months ago.

Life Was a Roving Party Until I Grew Up by Monica Drake. The Modern Love essay is almost always great and this week was no exception.

BFF: Bets Friend for a Bit Longer by Jennifer Conlin. A few week’s ago, a good friend of my mom’s died. My mom was the one to make the discovery. Her friend did not show up for a scheduled lunch. Based on who had talked to the friend, it turns out she might have died a few days before anyone realized. I thought of her immediately as I read this article about best friends who have checked in on each other for years and years.

Voting in the Rain by Ann Patchett. I love anything Ann Patchett writes. This article reminded me that we all need to vote in upcoming elections- even if it appears that they is nothing terribly exciting happening and maybe even more so because of that.

The Boys in the Clubhouse by Buzz Bissinger. In the wake of the disgusting situation with the Sayreville football team, this was a fascinating read.



  1. Sue LeBreton says:

    Thanks for directing me to these pieces. Reminds me of how much I used to love weekend papers- must resubscribe.

    • Stacey says:

      You definitely should! I find that reading the paper is so much more satisfying than reading the same thing on-line!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pieces, Stacey. I love Ann Patchett as well and I look forward to the Modern Love essays too. 

  3. Tamara says:

    I love Ann Patchett too.
    I think the Siri article sounds fascinating and that’s the first one I’m going to read right now!

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