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Oct 27

Father of the Bride: Romantic Comedy Turned Tear Jerker

by Stacey

imagesRob has a running list of classic movies that he wants the girl to see. There is a great range from E.T. to A Few Good Men to Dead Poet’s Society. The list obviously includes some movies that they could watch now and others that are years away.

A few week’s ago, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on t.v. and the girls loved it. Father of the Bride seemed like the next logical move. As we settled in to watch, however, Rob and I immediately realized something. A movie that we watched before we became parents could become a very different movie now that we had the titles of Mom and Dad.

Remember Father of the Bride with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton? A light hearted romantic comedy, right? Wrong! Father of the Bride is actually a huge tear jerker that makes you realize how ridiculously quickly your children’s childhoods are flashing before your eyes.

The scene when Annie and her dad play basketball after he has a temper tantrum about the wedding. Fun music, goofy comedy, right? Wrong again. Turns out it is nothing more than an opportunity to cry and wonder if the girls will still want to play basketball with Rob in the driveway next summer or if they will be ‘too cool.’

The scene when George is in jail for trying to buy only 8 of the 12 hotdog buns in the grocery store because there are only 8 hotdogs. Nina refuses to bail him out until he agrees to realize how important his actions are to Annie’s happiness. I remember this scene being funny because of the whole hot dog thing. It is pretty silly after all. Now though, the scene was tear inducing. Such a sweet moment between the two and also such an important reminder about how much our actions and words effect the girls.

More basketball. This time in the snow. And George tells Annie that he is going to remember this moment forever. I guess this was when I really lost it because really, I wish we could slow it all down. And I just want to collect as many of these moments as I can. Those moments that we will remember forever.

Fletch is on the list too. It seems like maybe something along those lines would be a good call for our next movie. Right?


  1. Lindsey says:

    I saw this fairly recently and wept the whole way through. Oh yes. Like Rob I have some favorites I want to share with the kids. I’m hesitating on Dead Poets because of the suicide. What do you think? xox

    • Stacey says:

      We are also waiting on Dead Poets Society. So much to love but we aren’t ready to discuss the suicide piece yet… 

  2. Tamara says:

    We were just talking about this last week because my sister got married at my parent’s house! So that morning was nutty and there were more vendors than family members running around and I kept expecting to see Martin Short show up! 

    • Stacey says:

      How funny Tamara! You should definitely watch it again- you would laugh so hard having gone through a wedding at your house. Bring your tissues though! You will be picturing Cassidy and Scarlet the whole way through!

  3. Nina says:

    I used to be obsessed with that movie! I love the part where Annie emerges in her black dress and pearls. Anyway, loved the whole thing. Would be very cool and weird to see it as a parent now!

    • Stacey says:

      It was so interesting how different it was to watch the movie as a parent. I’m wondering now how many other movies are like that!

  4. Allie says:

    I LOVE FOTB – I still remember when and where I saw it for the first time. I’ve also seen the original with Elizabeth Taylor. I can’t wait to share 16 Candles with my daughter. I was fourteen when I saw it, which now seems young to me!

  5. Such a great post, Stacey. It’s true, so many movies we remember fondly, Brian and I have watched with our boys, and it’s been a completely different experience. One: Back to the Future. Hilarious. We have a whole list, but once we’ve gotten through a handful, our middle son said, “Do we really have to watch more movies from the 1900s?” Um, we’re old! Great post. xo

    • Stacey says:

      I love your son’s comment! Just this weekend, we stumbled upon Three Men and a Baby. While this was not on our list, when we saw it on we thought the girls would like it. Fortunately, we watched after they went to bed because it was terrible! Why do I remember it being a good movie?!

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