Stacey Loscalzo

Sep 26

This Moment: September 26

by Stacey

“Reading should not be presented to a child as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.”

-Kate DiCamillo



  1. Kim says:

    What a lovely little readying spot. Happy weekend.

  2. Sandy Sullivan says:

    Love that rug! What a cozy corner. Please tell me this is not your home or I will be very jealous!

  3. Such a great little reading spot!  Have a great weekend, Stacey.

  4. Kristen says:

    Huge fan of Kate’s, and what a great quote! Have a great weekend (hopefully filled with many books).

  5. Tamara says:

    What a totally beautiful and inviting photo! That would have been my childhood dream room.

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