Stacey Loscalzo

Sep 22

The ‘Last Quiz’

by Stacey


Every few months, I like to take an on-line class at Big Picture Classes. These classes always provide inspiration for blogging or picture taking. This round, I am enrolled in Quizapalooza with Angie Lucas so be prepared for lots of quizzes here over the next few weeks

I love these kinds of posts and I always think it is so fun when a blogging friend is inspired to write their own similar post. I hope to hear lots of your answers in the coming days…

The ‘Last Quiz’

Whom did I last speak to on the phone? I talked to my mother earlier today. We were trying to find a weekend for her to come down and visit. It is truly crazy how busy fall weekends can be.

Who is the last person I hugged? Katherine. She is my snuggly girl!

Who most recently asked for my advice? Caroline. Middle school comes filled with lots and lots and questions.

Who is the last person who cooked for me? My friend Nicky. For local friends, Nicky is the owner of the Proper Kitchen. Two days a week, she cooks delicious meals and delivers them to customer’s doors. Her food is completely delicious and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is to have a home cooked dinner ready to put on the table with no effort after an afternoon full of soccer practices and dance classes. Let me know if you want Nicky’s contact info!

Who went with me to the last movie I saw? Last year, I participated in a great group that showed matinees at our local movie theatre during school hours. I think the last movie I saw in the theatre was Philomena with this group. It seems like I might be due for a trip to the theatre. This is Where I Leave You is calling my name!

Who was my most recent lunch date? I had lunch just last week with my friend Donna. We have known each other for quite awhile now so it is always great to see her and pick up right where we left off, often months before. This visit was especially fun because I was able to see pictures of Donna’s brand new granddaughter.

Who is the last person I apologized to? Katherine is reading over my shoulder as I write this so I asked her if I had apologized to her recently. She said no but that I apologized a lot when she had strep and missed the first two days of school. So true.

Who is the last person I felt envious of? No one specific but at the moment, I am envious of the people who are able to say no. This certainly is not a skill I seem to possess at the moment!


  1. Tamara says:

    I wish I could say no better.
    And have home-cooked meals at my house every night. That is actually one of my dreams.

  2. Allie says:

    Stacey I LOVE quiz’s:) I just may “borrow it” – if I can so no to some things and get a post done!

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