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Jul 02

You: Second Edition

by Stacey


A few months ago I wrote a post titled, “You”. It was a type of ‘right now, I am…’ or ‘currently, I love…’ As I re-read the post, I realized it would be a fun one to do again.

This week, Katherine has begun camp at her beloved Deerkill but Caroline has been with me. She keeps looking at me and saying, “Is this really all you do when I’m gone?” So far, we’ve gone to they gym, the dry cleaner, the grocery store (2 different stores, one twice) and a gift shop. We’ve walked the dog, talked on the phone, watched some tv, written and read. Add in a few meetings and yup- this is pretty much what I do when she is gone.

She keeps asking me if I am bored and if I should maybe get a job. Obviously there is a lot to say here but in the meantime if was helpful for me  stumble upon You which was written on February 9th of this year. It turns out that some things really do change and happen in this life that I have chosen.

So here goes…

Age: 41

Favorite Part of my Day: This one hasn’t changed. I wrote during the winter and I still agree that the time we all spend in Katherine’s bed reading before bedtime is my favorite part of the day. After devouring We Were Liars (more on this at Great New Books in August), Sally of my most favorite Curious Reader,  recommended that I read her favorite E.Lockheart book, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.  So far I am loving it too.

Loving: Our new found time. With school out and soccer practices over, we have so much more time. I can actually cook dinner at dinner time instead of in the middle of the day. So lovely…

Longing for: Ice cream that has no fat or calories. Haagen Dazs chocolate chip preferably.

Dreaming of: More time spent at the beach. We went for a day trip this weekend and I reminded yet again of how happy I am to sit with my toes in the sand and a book in my hand.

Needing: Some motivation to get cooking again. We have had really, really simple dinner lately and I think it is time to get back in to the kitchen.

Navigating: This crazy world of tweens; the push, the pull, the love, the hate. When I first heard the term I thought it was really gimmicky. I now know it is anything but. Tween are truly stuck in between and it feels like a pivotal moment in our parent-child relationship.

Knowing: That I am really lucky to have this slow, quiet time with Caroline during these hot summer weeks.



  1. I have to admit I’m jealous that reading before bed is your favorite time of day! It’s my least favorite time with my 4 year old… he’s all keyed up and wild, refuses to do basic things like brushing teeth without major dramatics, then rarely stays in bad once he’s been put there.  It’s so exhausting!  I guess each stage of parenting brings its own challenges, huh?

  2. Melinda Sohval says:

    love this. I haven’t  visited with you in a while and this caught me up, and made me happy. It was good to “hear” your voice,miss it! Sophie went to Deerkill (worse name ever) but a lovely camp. xo

  3. Tamara says:

    Your favorite time of day is my least favorite time of day, but I love the beauty you find in it.
    It’s just when I am DONE and I want my husband to take over completely.

  4. Nina says:

    Great update! I’m with you on the cooking. I do love to cook and I was WAY into the past few months. Maybe I just burned out. No pun intended.

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