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Jul 16

Twitterature: July 2014 Edition

by Stacey

It’s my favorite time of the month. Twitterature, hosted by the lovely Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy. Below are short, Twitter-style reviews of books I have read this past month.

Until I pulled this all together I hadn’t realized that I have read nothing but middle grade and young adult this month. Seems I’m in a bit of a pattern…

16143347We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I am writing about We Were Liars for Great New Books in August so I’m going to stay quiet for now.


The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart. After I finished We Were Liars, Sally of my favorite Curious Reader told me that I really had to read E. Lockhart’s previous work. And yet again, she was right. Frankie was even better than We Were Liars and that’s saying a lot.


The Glass Sentence by S.E. Grove. So I definitely have a reader crush on Sally because she recommended this one too. The Glass Sentence is middle grade fantasy which is not a genre that I tend to read but I’m glad I read this one. The middle got a bit long but the premise is so interesting that I read until the end.


The Giver by Lois Lowry. I have been trying to get Caroline to read The Giver for a long time. It is one of my favorite middle grade books of all time. She has been hesitant to read it because of this scary looking man on the cover. I caved last week and bought the movie tie in edition of the book and Caroline devoured the book. We have talked and talked about it. She’s actually a bit disturbed by it and isn’t sure that she wants to read the rest of the series. My fingers are crossed and I am ready with non-scary covers of Gathering Blue, The Messenger and Son.


  1. I love middle grade books!  I was just in a new-to-me used bookstore and reminiscing over all those titles I remember reading at that age.  I can’t wait til my boys are reading those books!  

  2. Sally says:

    Why do other customers always need help when you come in? Don’t they know we want to TALK about books?!

  3. Jenna says:

    Isn’t it finny when you don’t see patterns in your reading at the time? I graduated undergrad last year, and while I immediately jumped into reading all the time again, at the new year I realized I’d only read one non-fiction book the entire year — Bossypants! I’m specifically trying to ease myself into lots of nonfic now, and I’m finding that memoirs are easy ti slip into from fiction, but that everything else takes a little more resolve.

    Oh, and I, too, read a bit more YA last month than I realized at the time!

    I’ve seen mixed reviews for We Were Liars, but I loved Frankie and I’m tempted to try it anyways. Do you know what you liked that others might not have?

  4. Jenna says:

    As I clicked “post” I thought: maybe I should have proofread that. Nah, it’s fine.

    Then I looked back and realized I ought to have!

  5. So many of my favorites are in the middle grade category! I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on We Were Liars, I feel like I’m seeing it mentioned everywhere all of a sudden. 

  6. I’m interested what you have to say about We Were Liars too. I put your first three recommendations on hold, but I too am a little hesitant about The Giver!

  7. Nina says:

    I think that was the right response to The Giver. It IS disturbing and the rest are too, but they are SO GOOD. So glad she took this one for a test drive. 😉

  8. I decided to skip We Were Liars (at least for now, and unless you change my mind!) but I’m intrigued by Frankie. Thanks for sharing your books!

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