Stacey Loscalzo

Jul 28

A First For Everything

by Stacey


A few months ago I bought a book titled, “A First for Everything”. It contains pages and pages of fill in the blank questions that I thought would be great prompts for a blog post. I then promptly put the book in a really good place where I would remember it when I was in search of a blog post. Then I lost it for months. But… just this week, it resurfaced so here goes!

First Doctor: Dr. Utter. No joke. That was his name. And he was the best. In fact I went to him for as long as I could. I went once when I was home from college and arrived at my appointment late because I couldn’t find a parking place. The nurse told me she thought that was a pretty good sign that I shouldn’t be seeing my pediatrician any more. If that hadn’t happened I might still be using him!

First Injury That Required Stitches: I had a birth mark removed when I was a little girl. We were told the scar would go away in six months. I still have it.

First Movie You Remember Watching: ET. In  the theatre. I still consider it one of my all time favorites. I’m realizing as I write this that the girls haven’t seen it yet. We’ll have to get to work on that soon.

First Piece of Clothing You Begged to Get: An oversized Benetton sweater with a giant B on the front. This was right around the time that my father believed that I should be paying for my own clothes. This was not a quiet time in our house.

First Favorite Color: I have distinct memories of liking colors in pairs. Yellow and green and then pink and purple.

First Favorite Book: At Night When I Feel Sleepy. We still have the cloth book and I could recite the whole thing without looking at a single word.

First Favorite TV Show: Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I watched this one for a really long time. Don’t tell anybody 🙂

First Favorite Restaurant: Bobbo’s. We went every Friday night and the owners always had a cheese burger waiting for me when we arrived.

First Favorite Snack Food: Planters Cheese Balls. We only had them at my grandmother’s house and I have memories of being very careful with my fake orange cheese covered fingers. If I had gotten that cheese on the coach, it might have been a problem but it would have been worth it. The cheese balls were that tasty!

First Time You Broke Something Valuable: I don’t remember this but have heard the story so many times I can picture my toddler-self clearly. I knocked an ash tray off a table and my mother, from the neighboring room, heard me curse loud and clearly as I looked at the broken pieces on the floor. She tried very hard not to laugh as she ran to pick up the pieces.

Anyone else want to play? I’d love to hear your answers to these questions…




  1. Tamara says:

    I will have to borrow this prompt!
    We were talking about ET yesterday because there’s a famous quote in it my mom loves. Scarlet was screaming/crying on the ride at Universal, though! She may not be ready. Booo!
    And those Planter’s cheese balls were divine.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Great prompt Stacey! Loved the Benetton reference! 🙂

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