Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 06

A Pink Fur Shrug

by Stacey

You know those weeks when you feel like the same thing comes up again and again in different ways? This week’s theme seems to be ‘child choice vs parental decisions.’

On Monday, I had a conversation with a  friend about children choosing or not choosing their own outfits. I commented that I am totally in favor of children making their own choices. It’s usually pretty clear when you are looking at a kid-chosen outfit. All orange in different hues, stripes and plaids, socks pulled up over pants. And if this is how a child wants to express themselves, then I really don’t see the harm.

Then Tuesday, I read a great piece by a fellow writing class student. She had observed a parent at a pottery place completely dictating how their child painted their princess statue. Her writing was full of anger at this parent for their total disregard of their child’s independent and creative thinking. I couldn’t agree more. I really, really try to let my children create their own art believing more in process than product.

And then on Wednesday, moments before we needed to leave for school, Katherine came downstairs in this outfit.

IMG_4589I felt like I was being tested on everything I had said and thought throughout the week. The pink fur shrug from last year’s dance recital? Really?

Yup. Really.


  1. Why not?  My cousin (who in her rebellious teens cut her hair into a mohawk just before a family photo session) put pictures on facebook this week of helping her teenage daughter dye her hair rainbow colored.  (Literally.  Stripes of color.)  I had to laugh, but then… why not?  It’s just hair.  Gotta pick your battles, right?

  2. Lindsey says:

    Pink and red together are my favorite color combination. And stripes are always chic. She looks great. xox

  3. Tamara says:

    So did she go to school like that?
    Scarlet always loves to wear princess dresses and finally I let her wear her Alice in Wonderland dress to school. It’s just so cute and it’s not princessey and it’s..preschool. She was a hit!

  4. Kristen says:

    Isn’t that funny when that happens? For me it’s been about the author Lorrie Moore this week. I’m on the same page as you about clothing choices. I believe my daughter has to learn how to feel comfortable with her own choices, both physically and in the face of her peers (whether or not she goes against the trendy grain), so why not start now? And it’s funny I’m reading this today; today M is dressed up as Fancy Nancy for favorite book character day. First she had a PILE of accessories to wear, and knowing how she does not like the feeling of all that stuff, I figured by the time we left for school, she’d be down to one bracelet and necklace each. Yep. That’s what happened. Did she really look like FN? Not in the least. But to her she felt fancy (it’s all she can tolerate), and that’s all that mattered. (I think she looked more like Pinkalicious, quite frankly!) The only control I’ll wield is over skirt/dress length…it has to cover enough of her 6.5 year old body! Oh my…I’m not ready for the tween years ahead! 🙂

  5. Shana Norris says:

    This made me smile. Sounds like something my 8-year-old would do.

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