Stacey Loscalzo

Jan 02

One Little Word

by Stacey

UnknownI had all but decided I was not going to chose One Little Word this year. Nothing was speaking to me. There have been years where words were so obvious but this year… nothing.

And then today, as I caught up with blog reading I noticed more and more people choosing words. I decided to give myself the day to see what happened. And of course, a word came to mind. And then I read the quote above that just happened to include the same word. And then I saw an adorable picture on Facebook with an even greater quote that included the word.

And so here it is. Not sure exactly what it means or what I’m going to do with it. But my word for 2014 is Shine.


  1. Nina says:

    That’s a really great word.

  2. Mimi says:

    You can make others “shine”.

  3. Kim says:

    Perfect word. Looking forward to seeing you “shine” in 2014!

  4. Tamara says:

    It’s wonderful. I keep seeing other words. I haven’t really found my own. I don’t know if I will, but some others have really resonated with me. Do. Shine. Release.

  5. Love it, Stacey! Imagine our world if everyone embraced that word? Shine on, sister!

  6. Kristen says:

    What a great word! I am new to this choosing words notion, and have seen a lot of it in my various FB/T feeds. I really like the idea of it. Maybe I need to choose one too!?!? Something to think about.

  7. Shine on!  I love this word. I can’t really put words to the “why” of it yet, but I think mine is Welcome.  Like you, I just keep running across it.  Hmm…

  8. Just dropping in to wish you a Happy New Year. Love your word too. Shine is a word you can take in many different directions. Can’t wait to see how is works for you in 2014.

  9. Donna says:

    So glad you decided to choose one–and it’s perfect for you! Mine is “Move.” Am thinking we’ll be creating a project around them… : )

  10. Shana Norris says:

    Are you actually signed up for the class, Stacey?  I did it for the first time this year.  It was a huge step for me since I usually don’t do well with things like this.  I’m a little nervous.  Not about choosing a word, but keeping up with the reading and prompts.  

    I love your word, by the way.  It’s perfect for you!

  11. I think my word would Happy! I want to focus on that this year, and maybe content too. It is so hard to think of just one word!

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