Stacey Loscalzo

Dec 18

Old School Blogging: Holiday Edition

by Stacey


It’s time for some Old School Blogging thanks to Elaine at The Miss Elaine-ous Life. And this month’s it’s the Holiday Edition.

First things first: 1 Holy Night or 8 Crazy Ones? (Do you Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, both?)

Christmas for us.

Peppermint or Chocolate?

Chocolate. But I could also say peppermint and chocolate together. But not peppermint on it’s on so much.

Sing us into the Holiday Season, what is your favorite Carol this time of year?

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by Sugarland.

Tell us about a Favorite Family or Personal Holiday Tradition.

I’m going to decide that something can count as a tradition even if this year will only be our second time doing it. Last year we went in to Manhattan on Christmas Eve morning. The city was completely empty. We were able to stand right in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, watch the skaters and look through store windows without the crowds or the noise that make Caroline and I so uncomfortable. With all the crowds removed, I finally understood why people find NYC to be magical at Christmas time. It truly was so we will be back again this December 24th.

That magical moment? Your favorite scene from a Holiday movie

We just watched The Grinch so I have that final scene in my head. I love the ending song and Max the dog is just too darn cute.  Whenever Daisy gets a haircut and her hair is a bit too short we call her Maxine cause she looks a bit like the Grinch’s Max.

Kissing under the mistletoe?  Who do you hope is standing underneath (We know it’s normally your spouse, if it did not have to be, who would you choose?)

Ok… so if not Rob, than Bradley Cooper. Funny and cute, just like Rob of course.


Swans a swimming, lords a leaping, golden rings; which gift of the 12 days of Christmas would you like most?

Gosh. I just read the lyrics to remind myself and quite frankly, I’m not sure I would choose anything. There are lots of birds and loud instruments involved but if I had to choose I guess I would go with the partridge in a pear tree because at least I would get pears out of the deal.

Play Secret Santa, what inappropriate gift would you love to give this year?

I would give everyone a copy of We’re the Millers. There’s really a lot of inappropriate stuff in that movie but a ton of it is awfully funny.

Martha Stewart or the Grinch? What is your decorating style? 

I strive for Martha. Don’t we all?

What is ONE WORD that defines the holiday season for you? 

Family. And cookies.

If Santa could assure its delivery, what’s the first thing on your holiday wish LIST?

After he promised economic equality and excellent education for all the families and children in America, I suppose I would ask for the outside of our house to be painted. I still miss the color of our house in Richmond. After all the work we did on the house this summer though, I don’t see this in our near future but maybe Santa could make it happen.


  1. Tamara says:

    We just watched the Grinch here, and Scarlet really wants pajamas that “don’t show my feet like Cindy Lou Who.” A tall order to fill! And I love chocolate best. I like chocolate and peppermint, especially this time of year, but peppermint on its own doesn’t thrill me. 
    And I wish you a painted house!

    • Stacey says:

      It’s funny isn’t it? I don’t love peppermint but put it together with chocolate (especially at this time of year!) and I am a happy girl!

  2. What a lovely time to go in the city! When I was little we used to take a trip in for the day in December and see the Radio City Spectacular and all the holiday sights. I hope you enjoy your trip this year too! 

    • Stacey says:

      We saw the Radio City show on Christmas Eve last year and it was just amazing! The theatre was nearly empty! You must have grown up close by? We live in Bergen County, NJ. 

      • I grew up in southeastern Massachusetts and we’d take the train in. So much fun as a little kid! We’re hoping to get assigned to an air base in New York in the next year-fingers crossed! I would be so excited to get to show all my childhood favorites to my own kids!

  3. Shana Norris says:

    I’d never have thought that Manhattan would be empty on Christmas Eve morning.  It does sound magical.  

    I’ve never watched We’re the Millers but now you’ve made me curious.  

    Bradley Cooper looks mighty fine in that picture 🙂  Although, like I said on Christine’s OSBlog post, I’d have to answer Robert Downey Jr. to that question!

    • Stacey says:

      We’re the Miller’s is in the same spirit as the Hangover. You know that feeling when you find yourself wondering if you are really laughing at something because it is just so inappropriate. If you like that kind of movie, you will laugh a lot. If you don’t, you might think I am off my rocker!

  4. Love the Grinch. We love the part where he pulls the sleigh up and it makes the trumpeting sound.

  5. Elaine A. says:

    We’re The Millers as a gift is a great idea! ha! Such a funny movie!  And I want to go to NYC on Christmas Eve, take me, take me! Thanks so much for linking up!! 

    • Stacey says:

      I’m so glad that you liked We’re the Millers too! I know it’s a bit out there but there really were some funny parts! And I wish I could take everyone with me to NYC on Christmas Eve- it’s the best!

  6. My oldest dreams of going to New York for Christmas one year – he has been talking about it for ages. It sounds magical. 
    And Family was my word for the holidays, too – but I could have very easily added Cookies, had I thought of it. 🙂  

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