Stacey Loscalzo

Jun 11

Don’t Forget the Picture Books

by Stacey

We used to go to the library every week and fill a big L.L. Bean canvas bag full of picture books. The girls would look through them on their own and would often bring me books to read aloud. Somehow, over the last few months, I’d fallen out of the habit. Together we were read ‘big’ books like the Penderwicks and Harry Potter. Caroline was reading and reading and reading, anything she could get her hands on from The Babysitters Club to Bigger than a Breadbox. Katherine was beginning the adventure of independent reading choosing books like The Critter Club and Cam Jansen.

I was at the library the other day and on a whim, filled my bag again with picture books. I was missing them but wasn’t sure how the girls would react. I should have known. Every day, multiple times a day, Katherine has come up to me with a book in hand saying, “Could you read this?” While Caroline has shown a bit less interest, I’ve noticed that she tends to appear with a question whenever I am reading with Katherine.

I hope that I don’t forget the picture books again. We have missed them.


  1. Lindsey says:

    We still read picture books and I love this. So do my kids. We just read the Big Ball of String which was great!

  2. […] the Penderwicks and I promise to not let this slip up happen again. And then I also stopped reading picture books to either of the girls. Katherine was loving the ‘big girl’ status of chapter books so […]

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