Stacey Loscalzo

May 02

Why We Write

by Stacey

This morning I was feeling uninspired so I leafed through my journal to find some tidbit of something. As I flipped through pages, I found this.

“While out walking Daisy, Katherine looked up and saw a lot of birds. She said, “It looks like they are dancing to their music.”

Now, I had absolutely no recollection of this and the entry was dated April 13th of this year. A small passing comment that was cute enough to remember from the time it was said until I got home to write it down but then gone. Without the writing, it would be gone forever.

In some ways, this stresses me out. I go in and out of journaling phases. I often write down snippets on post its that get discarded or forgotten. Sometimes weeks will go by without my writing down a thing that the girls have said or done. So yes- this is stressful. I begin to feel like I need to be writing it all down lest it all disappear.

But then, when I am in a better place, I am able to simply be happy that I have written down anything. Because who would want to forget that the birds look like they are dancing to their own music…

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  1. Beth Meleski says:

    I’ll never look at birds flying the same way again. Thanks Katherine!

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