Stacey Loscalzo

May 15

Virtual Book Club Update

by Stacey

I am so glad that we finally announced the virtual book club last week. Since we did, I have heard from friends, both ‘real’ and ‘on-line’, who are looking forward to participating.

We also heard a lot of  questions. How often, how long, how? I realized that in my excitement to get the post out there (and quite frankly, in my haste to hit ‘post’ before chickening out!), I neglected to mention many (if any) details.

So, here’s the plan…

Maren and I will post about Daring Greatly once a week. One chapter per week. This seems like a good way to get a conversation going while at the same time not asking participants to read too much at a time. It is getting close to school end craziness after all.

Each post will include a quick summary of the chapter, some of our thoughts, favorite quotes and questions. You all can read along quietly or comment. Whatever feels right. We also hope to keep the conversations pretty self contained so you can jump in when you have time and not worry about having to ‘catch up.’ If you read the first two chapters and then go on vacation and read a murder mystery instead, you can jump back in on Chapter 4 and still understand what is going on. Our hope is that this format will make this a fun, easy, thought-provoking and guilt-free way to talk about interesting books.

So our tentative schedule follows:

May 15: Introduction and Chapter One

May 22: Chapter 2

May 29: Chapter 3

June 5: Chapter 4

June 12: Chapter 5

June 19: Chapter 6

June 26: Chapter 7



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