Stacey Loscalzo

May 13


by Stacey

I found a great list of firsts at the site Art Journalist. And then I just started goggling ‘list of firsts’ and found all sorts of fun things. I highly recommend this activity. It certainly pointed out early signs of aging (seeing as there are many first I just don’t remember!) but it will also reminded me of some great times that I had thought of in a long time.

First car: My mother’s hand-me-down Toyota Camry navy blue station wagon.

First teacher: My nursery school teacher from the Rumford Morning School. I don’t remember her name but I remember my painfully shy self standing at her side for the entirety of that school year.

First job: Counselor at Camp Cod Sea Camps

First concert: Jimmy Buffet

First plane ride: I flew when I was an infant from Rhode Island to New York. My mom reports that I cried the whole way. The first plane ride that I remember was to Florida when I do remember getting those adorable pilot wings.

First best friend: Amy Casey, a dear friend who I met at Mrs. Ryden’s house. Technically this was our day care but it was really more like our home away from home.

First sleepover: I’m pretty sure my first sleep over would have been at Amy Casey’s (see above) house but I’m really not sure.

First person you talked to today: Rob

First movie in a theatre: E.T. I remember being pretty scared but also pretty taken by that little guy.

First state you lived in: I was born in Rhode Island but moved pretty quickly to New York before coming back to Rhode Island again when I was three.

First pet: When I was really little we had a big grey cat named Pounce but the first pet I really remember was our furry, black dog named Midnight.

First foreign country you visited: Canada on an eighth grade field trip.

First doll: Victoria. The really interesting one though was my second doll who I inexplicably named Pussy. Like a pussy willow. But still…

First magazine you subscribed to: I suppose it would have been Highlights but I also remember Cobblestone and Cricket.

First horror movie: Nightmare on Elm Street. We hosted a sleep over at my grandmother’s beach house with it’s wall full of windows looking out on the water. As we watched the movie, my father snuck out side and came up to the windows making scary noises and faces. I spent the rest of that sleepover sleeping in my parent’s room. Sorry friends but I was scared.

First collection: Stamps. I had quite a collection going for awhile.

First instrument played: Piano.

First thing you learned to cook: The first food I remember cooking on my own was chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps this explains the serious sweet tooth that I have now.

First professional sporting event you went to: A New England Patriots Game.

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