Stacey Loscalzo

May 06

Dear Disney, Stop the Nonsense

by Stacey

Last summer, I gladly took Katherine to see the latest Disney movie, Brave. Finally, there was a depiction of a strong and imperfect girl on the big screen. We loved the movie because it was fun and I loved it even more because it sent an important message to my little girl.

When we went to the movie, Merida looked like this.

Merida was fiercely independent, clever and strong. Who doesn’t want their own little ones to be just like that? Unless you are trying to get them to eat their vegetables but that is a post for another day.

Now Disney is set to release Merida’s ‘re-design.’

Merida appears to have dieted, hired a new dress maker who focuses on sexy and traded her love of archery for fancy clothes.

I am certainly not alone in preferring the descriptors, ‘fiercely independent, clever and strong’ over ‘skinny and sexy.’

I first learned of this disgusting change from Peggy Oreinstien. Read her take on the controversy here.

Then I discovered that one of my favorite stopping places on Facebook, A Mighty Girl, was all over the mess too. They had been alerted to the problem by The Mary Sue and have since created a petition through

Please go here if you interested in signing the petition to keep strong adjectives in our girl’s vocabulary.

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