Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 18

Hiking Lessons

by Stacey

While our family enjoys being outdoors whenever possible, I wouldn’t necessarily call us the outdoorsy type. In fact, when we heard a comedian use the term ‘indoorsy’, we all chuckled, realizing it could be a useful term. We love playing in the back yard, running, walking  and going to the beach. We like to eat dinner outside and enjoy an ice cream cone on the patio.

Until last week, however, we had never gone hiking. Fortunately, we had some empty days on our calendar, gorgeous weather and a new discovery thanks to the wonders of Facebook.

We learned of an area only 20 minutes away that was perfect for both experienced hikers and novices like us. We packed the car and the dog and began our adventure.

Here is what I learned:

Water is calming.

Being the only people in the woods is empowering.

Even in the woods, it’s important to pose for the camera.

You can still see the wrath of Hurricane Sandy every where you look… nearly six months later.

And maybe even our dog is a tiny bit ‘indoorsy.’

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