Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 04

52 Lists

by Stacey

Thanks to the amazing Susannah Conway, I found the greatest on-going project. Morrea Seal‘s 52 Lists Project. Just as it sounds, each week of the year, Morrea posts a new list and asks for her readers to share. Examples of lists include, ‘list the things you should be proud of”, ‘list your essentials’ and ‘list the places you want to go.’

The lists are pretty simple but also pretty open ended making them perfect writing prompts. Moreea also encourages a community to form around these lists on her blog but also at Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

I joined in this week for the first time with the list titled ‘Things I Want to Make.’

Not being very DIY, I chose not to take this list literally.

Examples of my responses included,

“I want to make Katherine’s birthday special in the midst of all this crazy house stuff’


“I want to make a journal full of wonderfulness.”

Can’t wait to see what future lists will bring…

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