Stacey Loscalzo

Mar 11

Reading By Flashlight

by Stacey


This was the kind of weekend that was long on fun, family and friends but short on writing.

So… I just read this great snippet on Facebook thanks to the wonderful Jen Robinson of Jen Robinson’s Book Page and thought I would share it here in lieu of a full blog post.

It also reminded me of a great picture we took of the girls reading by flashlight during Hurricane Sandy in the fall.

The snippet reads…

Son: Not sure if you know this, but when I was little I’d stay up past my bedtime, reading books under the covers with a flashlight.

Me: Who do you think bought you the flashlight?

Great idea if you ask me!


  1. Jen Robinson says:

    That was a great snippet, wasn’t it? Thanks for passing it along. The author was Lisa Yee. And actually, Baby Bookworm already has a flashlight, though she can’t read yet 😉 

  2. Zoe says:

    🙂 Just yesterday I ordered a Tshirt which says “I read past my bedtime… do you?” to wear to school for my storytelling sessions!

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