Stacey Loscalzo

Feb 04

Goodbye Again

by Stacey


With each passing Groundhog’s Day, we get another year away from my Dad’s death. It’s been six years now.

As I looked back for pictures to include with this post, I stumbled on this one. This picture certainly never made a frame and I probably looked away from it the first time I saw it. In this picture, on one level, you see what always embarrassed me about my father. His clothes look old and cheap. They certainly don’t match and his bathing suit is way too short. His belly is fat but his legs are bird thin. He has a big stack of tissues in his pocket, surely to blow his nose really loudly when he isn’t making his signature snorting sound.

Now I see the grandfather who was so in love in with his granddaughter that he could sit on the couch with her, just like this, all day long.

I wish you were here Dad. Now I would sit with you all day long too.


  1. sara says:

    what a sweet tribute, stacey. thinking of you …

    hugs, sara

  2. Lindsey says:

    Oh, that picture … I am sending you lots of love today. I don’t have words, but know you are in my thoughts. xox

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