Stacey Loscalzo

Nov 19

hello! hello!

by Stacey

Do you see that blue book? The one that is standing tall on top of the piles on my desk?

The book is Matthew Cordell’s (of Another Brother fame) latest, hello! hello!.

This charming book, about a family that takes the time to look up from their myriad of electronic devices, is sitting there for a reason.

This book is there to remind me to look up at the girls when they walk in to the room. Whatever I am doing on my computer, on my iPhone, on my Kindle can wait. They can not.

As we move in to this crazy time of too much- too much to do, too much to eat, too much to watch- I want to remember the message in this important book. Your children will love hello! hello! because the story is sweet and the illustrations are divine. You will love it for its reminder.

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