Stacey Loscalzo

Oct 09

The Great Unexpected

by Stacey

Really, The Great Unexpected was all that I had expected.

With Sharon Creech as it’s author and the gazillion positive reviews that I had read, I was ready to be wowed. Often, that’s a problem. Living up to such high expectations can be the death of a book.

Not this one.

The story is a lot of friendship. a bit of mystery, some tragedy and all amazing writing.

I leave you with only one quote and the promise that the book contains many, many more that are just as wonderful.

“But what is ‘a story?’ It’s in here in now”- I tapped my head-” with all the other stuff, so maybe everything is a story.”

That night, I went to sleep supremely happy. If I could be a knight, then I could be a pteranodon, or I could be an eagle or a bear or a fox, or anything at all, and I could dwell where I pleased and do what I pleased, and if I wanted to have a mother, I could have a mother, and if I wanted to have a father, I could have a father. I could do and be and have all these things; I could be anywhere and everywhere.

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  1. Zoe says:

    I. WANT. Sorry, should be more polite, but off to add it to my library wish list. 🙂

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