Stacey Loscalzo

Sep 11

Oh, No!

by Stacey

I love it when a book that get tons of hype really deserves the hype it has gotten.

Oh, No!  by Candace Fleming, is just such  book. I have been hearing lots about it and have to admit the rather drab colors on the cover didn’t give me much hope. And yes, I do know all about the book cover expression and yes, I do get frustrated with my children when they do the same thing I just admitted to doing.

Well, the story is every bit as lively as it’s cover isn’t.

It’s a rhyming read aloud that will beg for re-reading.

And it’s a Read Together book.

And it is perfect for making predictions.

And for learning about little known animals.

And it reminded me that Candace Fleming wrote an old favorite of ours, Clever Jack Takes the Cake so now I get to go and read that one too which makes me smile…

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  1. jules says:

    I love Clever Jack so much (as well as this new one!) ….

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