Stacey Loscalzo

Aug 07

The Age of Miracles

by Stacey

It is rare that my book of the moment is replaced so quickly.

I read Wild at the beginning of the summer. After I finished the book, I made sure to tell anyone who cared (and probably many who didn’t) that they must, must, must read Wild before reading anything else.

Usually I will stay on this kind of soap box for quite a while before another book appears to take the place of the first.

This summer though, a new favorite has already emerged.

The Age of Miracles is a book that we all must read. Because it is important for us as keepers of this wonderful planet to imagine the terrible what if told in this story. Because the story telling in the book is magnificent and the way this debut authors writes is even better than that.

The book trailer is the perfect introduction to this compelling read. Click through below to see what I mean…


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