Stacey Loscalzo

Aug 27

Party on the Bus

by Stacey

This weekend, we were lucky to spend the day at Katherine’s camp, Deerkill Day Camp. On our way, Katherine began talking about many of her favorite times at camp. Of course, there was swimming and arts and crafts, woodworking and gaga ball. But there was also the bus.

Yes. The bus. Katherine had the most wonderful bus counselor who turned every ride into something fun and exciting. The campers did Mad Libs, they told jokes, they sang songs. And on Fridays, they had a ‘party on the bus’ complete with Fun Dip.

I’m not sure who mentioned it, but somehow we got talking about what would happen if Rob had a party on his bus. His commuter bus. Into New York City. Where no one talks to each other or even makes eye contact. Where phone calls are frowned upon and people barely say God Bless You if someone has the nerve to sneeze.

You can probably see where this is going but I still really do wonder. When do bus rides stop being fun? When do they become a part of your day to be tolerated at best and often despised? What would happen if Rob walked on his bus, with a pack of Fun Dip and a bunch of Mad Libs and said, “All right, commuters! It’s a party on the bus!” I’m pretty sure I would be getting a phone call to come and pick up my husband at the nearest stop.

Maybe for just a day, we should all turn our ‘have tos’ and ‘shoulds’ into something a little  bit different and see how it goes. Maybe a ‘party at the dishwasher’ or a ‘laundry party’ would make it all a bit more fun.

I say it’s worth a try…



  1. Jen Robinson says:

    Do you read the Escape Adulthood blog, Stacey? You really should check it out. The authors, Kim and Jason Kotecki, have made a whole business around helping people to escape adulthood, exactly as you are talking about in this post. They promote small rebellions like eating breakfast food for dinner, writing on the sidewalk with chalk, etc. You would probably enjoy it.

  2. Stacey says:

    Fun Jen! I don’t know about it- will go check it out right now!

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