Stacey Loscalzo

Jun 14


by Stacey

I’m not sure how a puppy as cute as ours (see above if you think I’m exaggerating) could be driving us nuts but she is. Daisy will turn one next month so I am feeling all my “but she’s a puppy” excuses nearing their expiration date. She is still jumping, still chewing, still eating anything that’s not bolted to the floor.  I am always her staunchest supporter, reminding others of what a love she really is but even my resolve is fading a tad.

If Daisy knew to be grateful she would be thrilled that Homer by Elisha Cooper landed on our doorstep yesterday.

I challenge even the non-dog lovers out there to read this book and not love the next dog they see. Homer sits on his family porch as his family goes about their busy life around him. This book has it all. Simple text for young readers. Gorgeous illustrations. A deeper message about home and family for those who are seeking such.

I will be giving this book as a birthday gift, a hostess gift, a housewarming gift and as a gift to our home. It is one of those books…

And a thank you to Jules of the amazing Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast for introducing me to Homer as she wrote about him on her Kirkus blog.

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