Stacey Loscalzo

Jun 06

Early Reader Series

by Stacey

I try my hardest not to dance in front of others but today I have to admit to doing a happy dance at a book fair.

The girls have their Spring book fair at school this week and I was thrilled with the selection. There were many, many books appropriate for early readers. These are toughest types of books for parents to buy so seeing so many of them in one place was awfully exciting.

One of my favorites was Gus Makes a Gift , the tale of a rhino who heads off to school to make a mother’s day gift. Using few and simple words, Frank Remkiewicz (illustrator of the Froggy books) is able to convey a story that is both interesting and truly readable for early readers.

So now you can only imagine what happened when I got home and discovered that Gus has a series of books. Maybe, just maybe, there was a little more dancing…

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  1. Clara Gillow Clark says:

    The cover art on GUS MAKES A GIFT makes me want to pick up the book and read it and linger over the illustrations. The look on Gus’s face is so sincere and sweet and captures a childhood moment so well. Thanks for recommending, Stacey!

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