Stacey Loscalzo

Jun 13

A Busy Week

by Stacey

We’ve had a busy few days around here…

First, Katherine danced in her ballet recital.

Caroline has been in two dance classes and recitals and I really thought I disliked the whole dance thing. Turns out I dislike being the mom of a little girl who is dancing but doesn’t like it. What I love is being the mom of a little girl who adores to dance. Katherine danced beautifully and more importantly had so much fun on stage. Watching her grin throughout her dance was joyful for all around her.

And then there was the kindergarten concert.

Katherine was a narrator and a dancing cherry blossom. Again, she loved every minute of her time performing. Katherine had no problem learning her lines and showed minimal nervousness before taking the stage. And again, she smiled and smiled.

And then, Katherine was a graduate. And this was the best picture I could find. Not enough singing and dancing apparently.

While Katherine went to our public school’s kindergarten this year, their program is half day so she was able to enjoy the last year of her Montessori pre-school as well. And after spending three years in their program, she was a kindergarten graduate. Cap and gown and diploma and all. The graduates even entered the room to Pomp and Circumstance.

Prior to the graduation, the students had been asked to record their future profession. As each graduate came up to accept their diploma, the director of the school shared the children’s wishes with the audience.

“And next up is Katherine Loscalzo. When she grows up, Katherine wants to be a nail salonist.”

Well, maybe it’s ok that Katherine likes ballet recitals and shows more than graduations. This might be her last one until beauty school…



  1. sara says:

    you know how overused the acronym “LOL” is? people say it all the time when they are not laughing outloud at all. well … i truly was LOLing when i read the end of this post. thanks for the giggle. 🙂
    hugs, sara

  2. Jen Strange says:

    When Jake graduated from preschool, the director went down the line with the microphone, asking the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up. We were quite obsessed at the time with an athletic/obstacle reality show, so his answer was “I want to be a Ninja Warrior.” I have it on video. It. is. awesome.


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