Stacey Loscalzo

May 10

Nook or Kindle for Kids?

by Stacey

My sister in law called me this week with a great question. Which is better for kids? The Nook or the Kindle?

Her school district allows children to bring e-readers to school so she is debating which to get for her boys. Now, a topic for another day would be all the amazing forward thinking things my nephews’ school district does with technology but as I said, another day…

When I use an e-reader, it’s a Kindle but I realized I honestly didn’t know which was better for children. I turned to all my favorite tech blogs and am still confused.

So… I’m going to put this one out there to my readers. Any experience with e-readers for children? And if you are a reader but not a commenter, feel free to e-mail me instead.

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