Stacey Loscalzo

May 25

Boring Books

by Stacey

Something funny is happening in our house.

Katherine is beginning to say, “That’s a boring book.”

At first I panicked. Initially, I couldn’t figure out what was and what wasn’t. Sometimes they were old favorites and sometimes brand new titles she hadn’t seen before. Sometimes they were based in reality and sometimes they were totally silly. Sometimes they were well illustrated and sometimes not.

And then I figured it out. They were all concept books. Books that told a simple story but were essentially about something else. Be it rhyming or patterns or numbers. The boring books were not telling involved stories. There wasn’t character development or a true plot. There was no conflict and resolution.

I know this is a phase and despite being a great big six year old, these books will again be fun but for now, they are not.

Katherine is a reader on a mission. A mission to understand characters and setting and story. And I will accept this mission gladly.

Off to make a library list…

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