Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 18

The Dreaded Schedule

by Stacey

Not sure how I got so totally out of control of a schedule I created but it has happened.

Caroline is playing soccer and softball this spring and Katherine is  playing t-ball and dancing. And somehow the practices and games are at all different times on all different days throughout the spring. It is nearly impossible to get in a rhythm. This is not a good thing for a girl like me.

Last night, Caroline was supposed to go to both soccer and softball practice and then do her homework. When she finished soccer, she was hot and tired and begging to stay home.

For a short time I made the ‘she made a commitment to the team‘ speech in my head but I quickly silenced it and kept her at home.

After all, I had made a commitment too. A commitment to raise my girls true to my beliefs and values.

And I value dinner at a table, not in the car between practices.

I value time to do homework before you are exhausted.

I value girls who love to play sports not girls who beg to skip practice because they are so tired.

And I value time in the yard on a beautiful spring playing and relaxing with your family.

If I had piled the girls in to the car and driven across town to softball practice, I would have taught them about commitment. Instead, I taught them that time with their family and listening to yourself when you are tired are more important than your team. And I am proud that of that lesson.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Stacey — So true and so well-written! I swore up and down when Claire was in preschool that I would not succumb to the scheduled life. And here I am five years later — mother of a multi-sports home, with piano lessons, Mad Science and calligraphy classes thrown in for good measure! You’re teaching valuable lessons in the Loscalzo house — good job!

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