Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 30

Teachers Pay Teachers

by Stacey

I love it when I can share new resources… Now this might not be new for everyone but if it’s new for you, you’ll be doing a happy dance by the end of this post.

Teachers Pay Teachers.

There are a gazillion teachers out there who have more than 24 hours in their days. These people create the most amazing resources for their students. And now thanks to Teachers Pay Teachers, they can be rewarded financially for all their hard work and those of us with only 24 hours at our disposal can benefit as well. 

For relatively small amounts of money- honestly, only a couple of dollars in most cases- I have downloaded fantastic games and activities. I am using this site like crazy for tutoring clients as well as the girls and so far everything I have used has been a big hit. I have found certain teacher that I love. I now follow them and every time they create something new, I get an e-mail so I can check out their latest products. And many of these teachers also write blogs allowing me to learn some many more new things each day. 

So all you need to do is go to the site and browse or enter a specific search word. So far, I have searched for cvc words, sight words, addition facts and multiplication facts all with great success.

So, if you know about this site, go spend more time there and if you don’t, enjoy this great new find…






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