Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 06

Read, Read, Read

by Stacey

Twice today I had the chance to bemoan how little I have been reading lately.

Over lunch with a dear friend, I talked and talked about where all the time seems to go, how tired we are at the end of our over-scheduled days and how hard it is to read long enough to get engrossed in a book.

Then I talked with my wonderful neighbor and somehow we got on the same exact topic. My neighbor has a super active two year old who keeps my her so busy that it has taken her more than a week to read Catching Fire.

And then as I read Facebook, I clicked through the lovely Carol Hampton Rasco’s post about the Winners of the 2012 Indies Choice and the E.B. White Read-Aloud Awards. I was shocked by just how few of the books I had read.

Baseball season has begun and so I say to myself, “Three strikes and you stand reminded.”

Reminded to take my own medicine or to practice what I preach depending on which figure of speech you prefer.

Reminded to read, read, read…

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