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Apr 23


by Stacey

Frequent readers may have noticed that one of my main characters has been a bit absent at the blog. Caroline, in her tween-ness, has asked me often to not include her in my writing. Pictures, stories and funny comments have all been deemed “too embarrassing” or “really weird.” I have respected her privacy but also anticipated the conversation that we had last night.

We were talking about Caroline’s soccer game while having dinner with my in-laws. It was a crazy game as the girls played through cold, wind-swept rain. It was further crazy for our family as Caroline both scored her first goal and played goalie. Playing goalie was a new experience for Caroline and one for which she had not trained. It was understandably hard. Her feelings (and mine) were incredibly conflicted. She was equally proud of her goal and worried about the goals she had let in, upset that she had “let down her team.”

During dinner, the topic of the blog came up and talk turned to some of the funny things I had written about Katherine or ideas that I have for a future post about my father-in-law. Stay tuned by the way, it’s a great one!

Someone suggested that I could write about Caroline’s goal and I said what a great idea that was expect that Caroline had asked me not write about her any more on the blog.

Turns out there are exceptions to this rule.

I love that my girl is so proud of herself that I can now write that she scored a goal.

I also love something else about her.

During the game yesterday, I stormed up and down the side line carrying on that she should not be playing goalie. She hadn’t trained and she was crying. Rob continued to remind me that she was doing fine and it was a good learning experience for her. I disagreed vehemently with him and anyone else who would listen.

And then last night we received an e-mail from Caroline’s coach asking if they could train her to be back up goalie. I, of course, wanted to respond in the negative immediately, but decided it was only fair to ask Caroline.

Well, guess who wants to be back up goalie? Guess who wants to learn something more about something that was hard for her?

I am sure I have written some really weird and embarrassing things here, but I have also had the chance to write about a pretty wonderful girl…


  1. Congratulations, Caroline!

    I used to play goalie – lots of pressure, but pretty awesome when you block goals!

  2. Stacey says:

    Gosh Maryanne… I don’t know how anyone ever plays goalie. I guess you’re right though- the feeling of blocking must be worth the feeling of letting one in!

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