Stacey Loscalzo

Apr 09

Collected Experiences

by Stacey

The other day I spoke with my friend Donna over lunch about the amazing website, Married With Luggage. I have mentioned them before as Warren helps me often with the behind the scenes here at this blog. I was talking jealously about Warren and wife, Betsy, who are traveling the world and writing about their adventures.

“Think of all the experiences they are collecting!” I said.

And Donna, often wise, reminded me that I too am collecting experiences. Different experiences but experiences none the less.

I sat down tonight, tired and at a loss for what to write. When this happens, I scroll through the pictures on my phone for inspiration. As I scrolled, I saw that Donna was right. Since I last sat down to write, I have in fact, collected many amazing experiences.

I took the girls to the park on a gorgeous spring day.

Daisy played with her sweet friend Tucker.

We dyed Easter eggs.

We were with Rob’s family as his grandfather turns 95 this Tuesday.

And we celebrated Easter.

It seems that maybe Donna is right.

We are indeed collecting experiences…

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  1. Donna says:

    Each of the experiences you share here is like a shimmering jewel strung on the delicate silk thread that is your life. Your friends are traveling the world collecting theirs…you are traveling inward and discovering the treasures often hidden in your day-to-day. And capturing them before they vanish into thin air. Thank you for reminding me to do the same.

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